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iVanity Beauty Cosmetics is a full service cosmetics and skin care company dedicated to providing you with a complete beauty experience. From soaps to lotions, face creams and more iVanity Beauty is your #1 provider for premium beauty products. Be the first to know about our latest beauty updates, including the release of our long anticipated cosmetics line!


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The Shell Glow & Shell magic white Collection

The ShellGlow collection, brought to you by iVanity Beauty Cosmetics is the exclusive skin whitening line carefully blended to bring you the best results in skin care. Made in partnership with talented Caribbean model figure Shella known as  Shell Creole, the exquisite Shell Glow & Shell Magic white collection is now available to the public.

Shell Glow is designed to bring you complexion evening results in within the first few weeks of use. For best results, iVanity Beauty have designed a complete skin care set for luxurious results so you have everything you need for an even, clear complexion all in one set.

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